Tony Cragg: Sculptures and Drawings

  • 30th July − 6th November 2011 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | £7 (£5)

Rational Beings

Cragg invariably works on several apparently unrelated series at the same time.  While the Early Forms series was in progress he was also developing the Rational Beings series, which has been a major element of his output in the past decade.

These works are characterised by tall columnar forms in bronze, wood, stone, plaster or steel, in which facial profiles emerge and disappear as one walks around them.  They are created by an elaborate process of building up circular or elliptical cross-sections (of wood, polystyrene or stone) on a vertical axis, which are then cut and shaped to meet Cragg’s design.  This, in turn, derives from an intensive process of drawing and modelling.

These imposing and intricate works are breathtaking in their complexity, and though they share a ‘family resemblance’, their diversity is a testament to Cragg’s ceaseless curiosity and experimentation, as well as his mastery of materials.

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