The Sculpture Show

  • 17th December 2011 − 24th June 2012 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)

Rachel Adams

Posturing is the overall title for a collection of three new sculptures and one photographic work by the Edinburgh based artist Rachel Adams. It is also the individual title of one of her sculptures; a work which takes its inspiration in structure from Antonio Canova’s neo-classical marble depiction of The Three Graces. Adams’ version is produced with crumpled painted waxed paper; carefully standing, it is positioned atop a tie dyed fabric covered plinth. The plinth's colours, and the dappled effect created by the tie dye process, together produce a finish which bears a resemblance to certain types of marble.

The photographic work, Neckwear 2012 shows a carefully draped silk scarf resting over the shoulders of the sculpture, Reclining Figure, by the British artist Henry Moore. The scarf’s pattern is a repeated barbed wire motif appropriated and altered from a similar one used by Moore within his own fabric designs, which are a little known part of his artistic output.

On display in Room 11, Modern One, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Download and read an interview between Rachel Adams and Julie-Ann Delaney, curator at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. (PDF)

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