The Sculpture Show

  • 17th December 2011 − 24th June 2012 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)

Epstein and Gill

The four works shown in Room 5 are by Jacob Epstein and Eric Gill and are on the theme of Christianity. Epstein was born in New York, studied in Paris, and the settled in London in 1905. He met Eric Gill in 1908. By that date Epstein, a Jew of Polish origins, was already a major and controversial figure in the British art world; Gill, the son of a Brighton clergyman, was known as a letter carver and calligrapher. Gill carved his first sculpture in 1909. At that time, most sculpture was modelled in clay and then transferred into stone by mechanical methods. Epstein was impressed by Gill’s carving skills and took advice from him before embarking upon his own direct carvings.

Works by Epstein and Gill are on display in Room 5.

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Consummatum Est Sir Jacob Epstein


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Christ on the Cross Eric Gill


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