The Scottish Colourists and their Circle

  • 22nd October 2011 − 18th March 2012 | Modern Two (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | Admission free

Popularly known as the Scottish Colourists, the four artists, FCB Cadell, JD Fergusson, GL Hunter and SJ Peploe, are amongst the most admired of early twentieth-century British painters. Each was born in Scotland in the latter part of the nineteenth century and each was attracted to France early in their careers. Although the four were friends, they did not constitute a formal group and the collective term by which they are now known derives instead from their shared preference for vivid colour and a fluid handling of paint. Their direct contact with French Post-Impressionism and early knowledge of the work of Henri Matisse and other Fauve artists, encouraged them to produce paintings which are among the most innovative in British art of the period.

This display is dedicated to works by the Colourists and artists who, although not one of the four, were working in a similar manner at around the same time, such as John Maclauchlan Milne. Also on display are works by a younger generation of artists influenced by the Colourists, including William Gillies, John Maxwell and Anne Redpath, who also used bright colour and gestural brushwork in their paintings. This display consists of works from the Gallery’s permanent collection and of others which are on loan to us.