The Scottish Colourist Series: FCB Cadell

  • 22nd October 2011 − 18th March 2012 | Modern Two (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art)

Cadell and Iona

Cadell visited Iona for the first time in 1912 and returned to paint there almost every summer. Iona’s heyday as an artists’ colony was between the wars and both Cadell and Peploe were prominent members of its artistic community.

Iona has many attractions for the artist. It is low-lying, so the light reflected from the surrounding sea intensifies the colours of the water, the white sand beaches and the green of its pastures. Weather conditions change quickly, challenging the artist to work at speed. Iona is known for its geological diversity and there is a wide variation of colours in its rock formations. There are numerous views beyond the island, particularly across the Sound to Mull and from the north end towards Staffa and the Treshnish Isles.

Cadell painted all of these subjects and more. He usually worked outdoors and produced a significant body of work whose overriding focus is that of nature, in contrast to the urbanity of the paintings he made in Edinburgh. Iona played a vital part in Cadell’s career, providing some twenty years of inspiration and subject matter.

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