Rough Cut Nation

  • 7th − 30th August 2009 | 12-5pm Tue, Wed & Sun. 12-8pm Thu, Fri, Sat. Closed Mon. (Scottish National Portrait Gallery) | Free

Street Art: An Introduction

The definition of graffiti and street art is almost impossible to pin down. Originally the spraycan was integral to graffiti and pieces were usually created on walls and freight trains. But, more recently, street art has come to encompass a range of materials aside from the spraycan, including acrylic, stickers, paste-ups, and even ceramics.

Graffiti is now a global phenomenon with different styles springing up all over the world. It crosses geographical, social and cultural boundaries and as such there is a constant cross-pollination of styles and techniques.  Computer-based work, graphic design, illustration and calligraphy now contribute to the multi-faceted movement.

While Rough Cut Nation features practicing graffiti writers and street artists, it is not intended to be representative of the scene in Scotland. Instead, the presence of graffiti is in the collaborative nature of the show and the coming together of diverse backgrounds and influences.