• 4th July − 16th September 2012 | Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Parkhead Republican Flute Band

"Parkhead Republican Flute Band was formed in 1978. For many years the band was known as the Vol. Billy Reid Republican Flute Band in memory of Irish Republican Army volunteer Billy Reid from Belfast, who was killed by the British Army while on active service. The band forms part of the West of Scotland Band Alliance alongside the Pollok & Thornliebank Republican Flute Band, Erin Go Bragh FB, Vol. Charles Carrigan RFB and Vol. Brendan Hughes RFB. ‘Both the Parkhead Republican Flute Band and the West of Scotland Band Alliance exist to campaign for a 32 county united Ireland, free from British control and committed to equality and justice for all its citizens, regardless of race, religion or creed. We actively campaign for the removal of the British presence from Ireland, and while not aligned officially to any organisation other than the West of Scotland Band Alliance, we are open to invitations to attend events, campaigns etc. from other organisations if we believe they help to promote our goals."

Parkhead Republican Flute Band