• 4th July − 16th September 2012 | Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Black Skull Corps of Fife and Drum

"Black Skull Corps of Fife and Drum was born in Glasgow 30 years ago to celebrate and preserve our proud British heritage. We celebrate and remember victories in years gone past, won by our forefathers of all persuasions at places such as Londonderry, the Boyne and the Somme, which still to this day bring us freedoms, opportunities and a lifestyle some blindly take for granted. Like many bands in Glasgow we started in humble circumstances. The task was to take bored, disillusioned youngsters of the streets of Glasgow’s toughest housing estates, teach them to play and read music, foster discipline, develop musical ability and hopefully turn the boys and girls away from the usual temptations in the schemes – drugs, antisocial drinking and violent gang culture. We perform at a wide range of events including weddings, birthday parties, Apprentice Boys of Derry functions, funerals, charity fundraising events, British Legion parades, Orange Order events, fun days and gala days."

Black Skull Corps of Fife and Drum