Elizabeth Blackadder

  • 2nd July 2011 − 2nd January 2012 | Academy (Scottish National Gallery) | £8 (£6)

The inspiration of Japan

Blackadder’s interest in collecting objects from around the world and her fascination with the art of non-Western cultures has been a source of inspiration to the artist. She visited Japan several times in the 1980s and 1990s, travelling throughout the country and visiting traditional gardens.

For Blackadder, the visual art of the Japanese Zen garden, with its concern for form structure, must have felt close to her own pictorial interests. The influence of Japan appeared in new works on paper inspired by scroll painting, large watercolours stimulated by the architecture of Kyoto, and complex and detailed works inspired by Buddhist buildings and screen architecture.

Japanese subjects continue in the artist’s work to this day, whether through the incorporation of Oriental objects into still lifes, through paintings of exotic kimonos acquired on travels, or through the remembrance of Japanese interiors seen on earlier visits.


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