Adopt an Artist | Running With Scissors

  • 21st March − 1st June 2014 | IT Corridor (Scottish National Gallery) | Admission free

Adopt and Artist is a pilot partnership involving art students from Edinburgh College of Art and teaching students from Moray House School of Education. The students were asked to devise activities for young learners in schools inspired by works from the National Galleries of Scotland's collection.

The use of artists and artworks in the classroom encourages unique approaches to learning and a visual understanding of concepts. It places creativity at the heart of subjects whereby the normal rules are broken and the learners' imaginations are allowed to 'run away with the scissors'!

This exhibition demonstrates how art can be used successfully and imaginatively across the curriculum. The project aims to have an impact on the future of education and embed the role of art and artists into the classroom.

A partnership project funded by Art Works Scotland and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the National Galleries of Scotland.