• 19th March − 3rd July 2011 | Modern One (Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art) | Admission free

Pre-New, The New

Since 1979 Koons has produced work within series. The first two series, Pre-New and The New, draw on the American public’s desire for new consumer products. Here, mass-produced goods, such as New Hoover Convertibles, are lit by fluorescent lights and placed in vitrines like preserved artefacts. Koons presents these items as symbols of desire, using them to question the public’s need for status, order and all things new.

Rather than create art by altering these objects, Koons simply lights and frames them as one might a light and frame a sculpture; detached from their original, intended purposes, the objects remain eternally new. By placing these household objects in the space of gallery or museum, Koons draws attention to their allure as consumer goods and the way we are seduced by commodities. Rather than critiquing consumerism, Koons is fascinated by the way we connect our desires and obsessions with what we can buy.