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Opening hours

Extended opening hours 1-31 August, open daily, 10am-6pm, Thursdays until 7pm.

Open daily, 10am-5pm, Thursdays until 7pm.

Closed 25 and 26 December. Open on 1 January from 12 noon.

Admission is free. A charge may be made for special exhibitions.


In the Scottish National Gallery, there is wheelchair access to all areas of the Gallery. There is also a specially adapted toilet and lift.

In the Academy, disabled access is to the rear of the building. The Gardens Entrance is accessible by lift from both the Gallery and the rear of the Academy.

Artlink runs a service enabling people with disabilities resident in Edinburgh and the Lothians to visit arts venues in the city. To register, telephone 0131 229 3555. Please note that there is a waiting list for this service.

There is temporary construction work currently taking place around the Scottish National Gallery. During this period, access into all Gallery entrances will be maintained, and temporary signage will be in place to assist visitor orientation.

Visitor Safety - Bag Searches

The safety of the National Galleries of Scotland’s visitors, volunteers, staff, collections and buildings is of paramount importance and is integral to the mission of the National Galleries of Scotland which is to care for, develop, research and display the national collection of Scottish and international art.

From time to time, in order to maximise safety precautions, and in line with changing circumstances and/or government instructions, the National Galleries of Scotland may introduce additional security measures as appropriate, including the search of bags which are brought into the Galleries by visitors. You may be greeted upon entry by one of our security personnel who will conduct a thorough but speedy hand-check of all bags, briefcases, purses, and containers. This search will be conducted in your presence and with your consent (although refusal to consent may result in exclusion of the bag concerned and/or refused entry to the Galleries). The purpose of this search is to ensure that nothing that could be harmful, noxious, dangerous or deleterious to people, collections or buildings is brought into the Galleries.

The methodology to be applied to bag searches will ensure that:

  • the search is lawful
  • the search is consensual
  • the visitor is fully aware of the situation
  • the search is appropriate and thorough
  • staff are protected against allegations of wrongdoing

Download the full bag search policy.