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Crowdsourcing First World War Art

Can you help solve some of the mysteries of First World War artworks?

The Imperial War Museums and the National Galleries of Scotland have fascinating First World War art collections. Many of the artworks within them relate to Scottish locations, communities and artists and we want your help to find out more about them.

In January 2014 history buffs, art enthusiasts, curators and art historians joined together at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery to discuss some of the gems in the collections. Art curators were on hand to introduce the works. Then it was over to the diverse range of people who attended the event to dig into them and enrich them with greater detail and contextual information.

Through discussion and research we were able to solve some of the mysteries surrounding the artworks and build a clearer understanding of the activities, people and places depicted. All the information gathered will be added to the artworks on Historypin.org to allow these works to be discovered, explored and further enriched. You can find details of the event by folowing the Putting Art on the Map link below.

This event was part of Putting Art on the Map, a collaboration between Imperial War Museums, Historypin and the University of Edinburgh to invite the public to help enrich IWM’s First World War art collection with new layers of information.

If you would like to get involved and add your own insights and knowledge of these works visit our Historypin page and start to share your findings.