Creature Feature Play Area

Come along to our free, movie-themed adventureland. Inspired by the fantastical creations in our exhibition Ray Harryhausen: Titan of Cinema, our play area is open every day and is FREE!

At the Creature Feature Play Area, there’s a rope bridge to traverse while dodging the giant octopus devouring the Golden Gate Bridge. Kids can clamber up the flying saucer beams that make up the climbing wall, slide down the dragon’s tail and peek into the cameras to see the beasts on the buildings.

In a career spanning over three decades, Ray Harryhausen created some of the most memorable and inspiring visual effects in the history of cinema. The exhibition at Modern Two looks at Harryhausen’s techniques through his back catalogue of movies and the profound influence he had on generations of visionary film-makers. We’ve harnessed these elements to create a one of a kind play area to remember for kids and families to enjoy and make memories at.

As well as the play area, the beautiful scenic grounds and sculpture park at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art are an ideal destination for children and families; perfect for a picnic on a sunny day.

The play area will close if it has been raining and the ground is wet. This is to protect the Landform and reduce the likelihood of visitors slipping.

With thanks to the players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

This event has been funded by Museums Galleries Scotland as part of the Scottish Government’s Get into Summer programme, supporting opportunities for children and young people to socialise, play and reconnect this summer.

Join us at the Creature Feature Play Area!

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Things to do in the grounds of Modern One and Two

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Ray Harryhausen | Titan of Cinema - the exhibition!

Come and see what our play area was so inspired by - the game changing creations by the godfather of stop motion animation.

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Supported by

  • People's Postcode Lottery
  • Get Into Summer

In partnership with

  • The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation