Celebrating Scotland's Art

The new Scottish galleries at the National

Your new Scottish galleries at the National are now open

Experience the nation’s outstanding collection of historic Scottish art in completely new ways.

Twelve new galleries provide a bright, spacious and accessible new home to works from pioneering Scottish artists such as William McTaggart, Anne Redpath, Phoebe Anna Traquair, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Boys. The new spaces have improved facilities and enhanced ways to discover and connect with historic Scottish art including via audio guides and trails.

Learn more about this exciting project, discover what’s new and explore the Scottish art collection for yourself here.

Take a fly through now

Get a glimpse of the new galleries before your visit.

Collection stories

Collection stories

Explore the stories behind some of the most intriguing artworks in the national collection.

A delicate White Drake by a Glasgow Boy

Curator Charlotte Topsfield tells the story of The White Drake, and the technique Joseph Crawhall developed to create such a natural and realistic work.

An ornate link to one of Edinburgh's most popular tearooms

The story behind Robert Burns' The Hunt and Crawford's tea rooms.

Monarch of the Glen: The creation of an icon

Artist Lachlan Goudie describes the significance of Landseer's great painting.

The Reconciliation of Oberon and Titania: A creative response

An astonishing wood carving project inspired by Sir Joseph Noel Paton's sumptious artwork from the Scottish collection.

Curator’s top ten | Scottish landscapes

Curator’s top ten | Scottish landscapes

Freya Spoor, Assistant Curator for The Scottish National Gallery Project: Celebrating Scotland’s Art, selects ten key works in the collection, with a landscape theme.

Gallery and collection films

Gallery and collection films

Scotland's art | In focus

In this series devoted to Scottish art, we look at paintings by some of the nation’s finest artists. We consider what makes each work so special and reveal some of the fascinating stories behind them.

Scotland's art | Styles and schools

In this series devoted to Scottish art, we look at the styles and schools that have shaped Scotland's art and discuss some of the nation’s finest artists.

Perspectives | A series of filmed conversations

In this video series brilliant creative thinkers choose a work they love and share their way of seeing art and our world.

Saint Bride by John Duncan

John Duncan was a leading artist in the Celtic Revival movement in Scotland. Inspired by ancient lore and the unique landscape of the Hebridean Isles, Duncan created works showcased his highly original vision of Scottish culture. Here, in one of his most celebrated paintings, we witness a coming together of Celtic and Christian tradition as the figure of Saint Bride is miraculously transported across the Hebridean sea to Bethlehem.

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Where are the women?

Where are the women?

In connection with our historic art collection, we are often asked by our visitors ‘where are the women?’ Through these films and events, we seek to highlight the significant ways women have contributed to Scotland’s art while recognising that we still have work to do to address this important question.

Where are the women?

Author and activist Sara Sheridan talks about the inspiration for her book Where are the Women?

A life dedicated to art | Flora Macdonald Reid

We explore her life and career of prolific artist Flora Macdonald Reid who worked to address some of the inequality faced by women in the nineteenth century.

Phoebe Anna Traquair

Phoebe Anna Traquair was a significant and important figure in British art. She contributed widely to the Arts and Crafts movement, and was one of the first women artists in Scotland to achieve professional recognition.

Music inspired by the collection

Music inspired by the collection

These special concerts have been commissioned by the National Galleries of Scotland in response to artworks in the collection.

Conservation stories

Conservation stories

Conserving Christ Teacheth Humility

Follow the conservation processes involved in preparing Christ Teacheth Humility for display at the National.

Art conservation | How are frames chosen?

Finding a frame for Flora Macdonald Reid's 1895 painting The Market Scene, Bruges

Conserving Glasgow Boys paintings

The conservation team at the National Galleries of Scotland is preparing two landmark Scottish paintings for display.

Activities and resources

Activities and resources

Art in the open

Pop up creativity in Edinburgh's green spaces.

In the mind’s eye

In this series of relaxing descriptive talks Juliana Capes will take a mindful, closer look at artworks and will invite us to take our time, to contemplate and to notice. It is suitable for both sighted and visually impaired visitors. 

Scottish identity: Who decides who we are?

This resource invites teachers to use images from our collection, such as Monarch of the Glen, as tools to encourage creativity skills and interdisciplinary learning. 



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