Audio Guide at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Audio guide features


  • Expert commentaries on artwork highlights from the Portrait Gallery.
  • Audio and images providing in-depth information.
  • Self-guided tour for exploring the Gallery, from The Modern Portrait to The Great Hall 

Price: £5

Audio guides are available from the information desk at the Gallery.

What’s on the guide?

You’ll hear from a variety of artists, authors, academics, curators and commentators. They’ll offer unique insights into the different forms that portraits can take and the functions they can and have performed through history and tell you remarkable stories about figures from Scotland’s past and the individuals who are shaping its present and future.

With contributions from:

Ian Rankin, Jackie Kay, Ken Currie, Robert Steele, Val McDermid, Horse McDonald, Roxana Halls, Sara Sheridan, Angela Palmer, Moyna Flannigan, Kate Anderson, Lucinda Lax, Jacqueline Riding, Anne Lyden, Imogen Gibbon, Mona Siddiqui, Jenna Gearing, Robin Baillie, Liz Louis, David Thomson, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Graham MacIndoe, broad daylight (Tricia Mallery and Ross Gillespie), Ingeborg Høvik, Oskar Kirk Hansen, Julie Lawson, Ruth Boreham and Calum Stevenson.