Trusts and Foundations

Support from trusts and foundations, locally, nationally and internationally, is a significant part of our fundraising programme and helps us to realise many of our most important projects.  Donations large and small are vital, from large refurbishment projects to short-term learning programmes.  This support ensures that we can realise some of our most ambitious programmes.

Some examples of activities which are supported by trusts and foundations are:

  • Capital projects
  • Educational activities such as outreach projects, work with community groups and practical art workshops
  • Research programmes
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • The purchase or restoration of works of art
  • Publications and internet initiatives
  • Concerts, films, lectures and other public events at the National Galleries of Scotland

Case Study

The Nation // Live and the Robertson Trust

The Robertson Trust, a long-time supporter of the work of the National Galleries of Scotland, has provided funding for us to realise the ambitious outreach programme, devised as part of the recent Scottish National Portrait Gallery refurbishment. 

Reaching out to communities in Scotland as far apart as Dumfries and Inverness and as contrasting as Clydeside and Skye, this challenging and exciting programme took works from the collection and used them as inspiration to create work illustrating key moments in local history and reflecting on contemporary issues. 

With help also from the Hugh Fraser Foundation and further local support, this has been one of the most successful and far-reaching projects at the National Galleries of Scotland, which will have long-lasting impact for us and for those who are inspired by it.

Please contact or call 0131 624 6459 for more information on trusts and foundations.