Portrait of the Nation

Portrait of the Nation is our project to transform the Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street.

The new Portrait Gallery is now open. Come and visit to see how the transformation has created a fantastic new home for the gallery's outstanding collection. Or explore the collection online through Faces & Places.

You can still support the project and the ongoing programmes in the galleries.  Explore our different campaigns below to find out how.

Just Donate! If you would like to make a simple donation to Portrait of the Nation. Donate

Put Yourself in the Picture

Donate £50 to put a picture of yourself or someone you love in the new Portrait Gallery and online! Go

Gallery of Stars

Donate £250 or more to claim one of the many stars in the Great Hall for yourself or as a unique gift. Go

Take Your Place in History

Donate £2000 or more to adopt a figure from Scotland's past on the spectacular processional frieze. Go