Crochet Rattle Mini Maracas

Crochet Rattle Mini Maracas


A lovely rattle shaped as a maraca for the youngest musician!

In 1998 Annette Klein Bog made her hobby of travelling the world into a day job. She started a wholesale company by importing lifestyle products, kids toys and home accessories from India and China.
At this moment, Global Affairs consists of a team of enthusiastic people who develop and produce colourful interior accessories and childrens’ toys.

Global Affairs works mainly with small companies, which are visited on a regular basis. This way Global Affairs and the customer know that the employees are treated well and are not being exploited. Their aim is to find the right balance between ‘people, planet & profit’.

Suitable from birth

Hand knitted cotton and polyester fiber stuffing

  • Size 11 cm

100% of all profits support the National Galleries of Scotland