Tattooed Lady, 1958 by Peter Blake poster print

Tattooed Lady, 1958 by Peter Blake poster print

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70 x 50 cm poster print featuring the artwork Tattooed Lady by British artist Peter Blake from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Blake began a series of paintings of circus women while still a student at the RCA, including Loelia, World’s Most Tattooed Lady, 1955. Although a collage, Tattooed Lady refers to printmaking. Blake had studied Graphic Design at Gravesend School of Art before enrolling at the RCA and was familiar with industrial printing techniques.

The drawing and the stickers are deliberately out of register: the collaged stickers extend beyond the woman’s arm and shoulder on one side and leave an empty gap on the other. The ‘tattoos’ include stickers and images of Spanish footballers, pin-ups, clowns, children and flowers.

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