Aerial View of Edinburgh by Alfred Buckham poster print

Aerial View of Edinburgh by Alfred Buckham poster print


70 x 50 cm poster print featuring artwork Aerial View of Edinburgh by Alfred Buckham, from the Collection of the National Galleries of Scotland. Printed on smooth art paper 240gsm. This print comes rolled in a cardboard tube.

Buckham would look for a sky which complemented the city or landscape below, and even add tiny planes to create the look of a one-shot photograph. He continued to take aerial photographs with a heavy plate camera, leaning perilously out of the aeroplane, where his delight in picture making greatly increased the risk of accident. Presumably these were the perilous conditions in which the photographer took this dazzling picture of Edinburgh.

Alfred G. Buckham was an English photographer who was the first head of aerial reconnaissance for the Royal Navy in the First World War and later a captain in the Royal Naval Air Service, before being discharged as a hundred per cent disable after nine crashes, having to undergo a tracheotomy. He continued doing aerial photography and started making photo-montages, combining two or three photographs to create a single image.

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