Studies of a dog’s paw (1st view) by Leonardo da Vinci framed print

Studies of a dog’s paw (1st view) by Leonardo da Vinci framed print (40 x 30 cm)


40 x 30 cm ready to hang black framed print featuring detail of the first drawing of the artwork Studies of a dog’s paw by Leonardo da Vinci, from the National Galleries of Scotland Collection.

Frame size 43 x 33 cm, image size 25.5 x 19 cm plus white border, printed on museum fine art paper 240gsm, a gently textured etching paper particularly suited to giclee reproductions of artworks and paintings, ideal for premium colour and monochrome print.

Leonardo’s drawing shows the left forepaw of what looks to be a deerhound, from different angles. He used both sides of the paper for this drawing, using metalpoint – a drawing technique with metal (usually silver) stylus on specially prepared paper – very difficult for correcting any lines.

Italian born Leonardo da Vinci was a remarkably skilled artist, extraordinarily gifted painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, inventor, musician and natural scientist. His notebooks and drawings reflect his insatiable curiosity about the natural world. He travelled from Florence, having trained in Andrea del Verrocchio's workshop, to Milan, and later moved to France, where he was painter and engineer to King Francis I. Leonardo's perfectionism and experimental methods resulted in few completed projects. His 'Mona Lisa' (Louvre, Paris) and 'Last Supper' (Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan) are among the most famous paintings ever produced.

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