Still Life by Samuel John Peploe art print

Still Life by Samuel John Peploe art print


Digital reproduction featuring artwork by Samuel John Peploe, Still Life, from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Collection.

Museum Fine Art paper 280gsm, a gently textured etching paper particularly suited to giclee reproductions of artworks and paintings. Ideal for premium colour and monochrome prints.

After moving to Paris in 1910, Peploe concentrated almost exclusively on painting still lifes and landscapes. This painting shows a strong influence of cubist art through the use of structured brushstrokes and the faceted background. However while he does flatten the perspective in the painting, Peploe does not show any of the objects on the table from different angles, as the Cubists tended to do. Instead, the painting remains quite clearly focused on the reality of what is in front of the artist, without becoming too abstract.

  • Size 35.6 x 28 cm

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