Rabbi with Cat by Natalia Goncharova art print

Rabbi with Cat by Natalia Goncharova art print


30 x 30 cm art print featuring the artwork Rabbi with Cat by Russia artist Natalia Goncharova from the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland.

This artwork was known for many years as ‘Monk with Cat’ instead of ‘Rabbi with Cat’ This painting delivers a poignant message about compassion, suffering and religious intolerance.  The Hand of God can be seen in the top-left corner, blessing the Rabbi, who may be stroking the cat for the last time before he too departs. The picture is indebted to Russian icons.

Goncharova was one of the earliest of the Modernist collage artists. Her cover for the book Mirskontsa (The World Backwards), written by Kruchenykh and Khlebnikov, contains what has been called the first collaged book cover. It was published in December 1912 in an edition of 220. All the covers bear a flower design, quite crudely cut with scissors from different kinds of paper.

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