Avebury (or Archaeological Wiltshire) by John Piper art print

Avebury (or Archaeological Wiltshire) by John Piper art print

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28 x 35.6 cm art print featuring the artwork Avebury (or Archaeological Wiltshire) by British Artist John Piper from the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland.

Piper was an English artist and known for his picturesque, architectural and landscape paintings, which are in the romantic tradition of William Blake and J.M.W. Turner. He was Britain's leading abstract artists during the mid- to late-1930s.

Piper made his first collages in 1932, and in the mid-1930s made abstract paintings with collage elements. He went to Paris in March 1935 to see the exhibition of Picasso’s papiers collés at the Galerie Pierre: these had a strong impact upon him. Moving away from abstraction, he embarked upon a series of landscape collages from 1936-39. In Archaeological Wiltshire (it is Avebury, with its standing stones), the paper is torn, cut with scissors, and even torn along perforated lines. He exhibited the collages in a solo show at the Mayor Gallery in 1938.

  • Size 28 x 35.6 cm

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