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Watson Gordon Lecture 2008
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Picasso's 'Toys for Adults': Cubism as Surrealism

Neil Cox

The Watson Gordon Lecture 2008

This lecture was given by Neil Cox of the University of Essex, one of Britain's leading scholars of Cubism and Surrealism, and a particular authority on Picasso. He concentrates on a single work, Picasso's Head of 1913, and in doing so demonstrates how scrupulous focus can open out challenging perspectives in the work of a great master.

Series: The Watson Gordon Lecture Series

The Watson Gordon Lectures, established in 2006, typify the long-standing collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and the National Galleries of Scotland.

Each lecture is by a leading scholar and reveals new research on a focused topic. The lectures are delivered and published annually, and now number eight titles in the series.

Titles to date

1. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2006 by Caroline Elam: Roger Fry’s Journey from the Primitives to the Post-Impressionists
2. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2007 by Mariët Westermann: Sound, Silence and Modernity in Dutch Pictures of Manners
3. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2008 by Neil Cox: Picasso's 'Toys for Adults': Cubism as Surrealism
4. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2009 by Paul Hills: The Renaissance Image Unveiled: From Madonna to Venus
5. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2010 by Hal Foster: ‘The Hardest Kind of Archetype’: Reflections on Roy Lichtenstein
6. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2011 by Mark Hallett: Faces in a Library: Sir Joshua Reynolds’s ‘Streatham Worthies’
7. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2013 by Richard Kendall: ‘Studying Nature as a Hunter, a Savage’: Vincent van Gogh and Karl Bodmer
8. The Watson Gordon Lecture 2014 by David Bomford: Unfinished Paintings: Narratives of the Non-Finito


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