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John Ruskin: No Wealth But Life, A Biography
  • Publisher Pimlico / Random House
  • Size 15.2 x 23cm

John Ruskin: No Wealth But Life, A Biography

John Batchelor

Title to accompany John Ruskin | Artist and Observer, National Galleries of Scotland exhibition from 4th July − 28th September 2014 at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Ruskin, whose life spanned almost a century from 1819 to 1900, was one of the most influential cultural and intellectual figures of his age. He was fundamentally a post-Romantic visionary; this fact underlies his activities as art critic and writer on architecture and also his passionate advocacy of an alternative social model for England. There is no Wealth but Life, wrote Ruskin in his political essays of the 1860s. This new biography shows him as a whole, demonstrating that his seemingly disparate ideas accrue into a developed - though constantly evolving - vision of the good society, and that the public activity of the man was at every stage closely associated with his disastrous private life.


About the author - John Batchelor has recently retired from the University of Newcastle and is now Emeritus Professor there. Formerly Joseph Cowen Professor of English Literature at Newcastle, he was also a visiting Professor of the University of Lancaster and previously a Fellow of New College Oxford. His books include biographies of Joseph Conrad and John Ruskin, monographs on the work of Virginia Woolf and H.G. Wells, and a study of the Edwardian novel.  His most recent book, Lady Trevelyan and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, is a lively biography of Pauline Trevelyan who established a salon of the arts in Wallington, Northumberland.


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