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The Real Pearl Coral Necklace Detail

The Real Pearl Coral Necklace

Charming 5 strand Coral necklace on a steel magnetic trumpet clasp by The Real Pearl Company.

Based on the necklaces worn in the portrait of Anne Erskine, Countess of Rothes, d. 1640. Wife of the 6th Earl of Rothes. (With her daughters, Lady Margaret Leslie, 1621 - 1688 and Lady Mary Leslie, b. 1620) by George Jamesone.

The tradition of giving children coral necklaces, as shown in this portrait, protecting children from illnesses like stomachaches, fever, typhus, smallpox, and rickets. The gemstone was considered a guardian of sorts.

The girls are dressed as miniature adults, but the coral necklaces, which they both wear, were specifically for children. 

Size 48.2 cm (19") diameter

The perfect gift.


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