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Michael Michaud French Lavender Brooch

The Lavender brooch is cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with lavender freshwater pearls.

Lavenders are a genus of 39 flowering species of the mint family. The native range extends across the Canary Islands, North and East Africa, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean. The flowers yield abundant nectar from which bees make a high-quality honey. In its culinary use, Lavender lends a floral and slightly sweet flavour to most dishes. Only the buds contain the essential oil of Lavender, from which the scent and flavour of lavender are best derived.

The Michael Michaud Jewellery Collection, designed by Michael Michaud, is a world renowned collection of botanical jewellery.

This unique jewellery is made by creating moulds directly from botanical elements in a process similar to lost-wax casting. While traditional lost-wax casting begins with a hand-carved model of wax, Michael Michaud instead uses an actual leaf, branch or flower in place of the wax model. A mould is created around the botanical element and as it is heated the plant matter burns away and leaves behind a beautifully detailed mould of itself.

Brooch size: 7.60 x 3.80 cm

French Lavender brooch is inspired by the flowers, ribbons, lace and jewels of Madame de Pompadour (Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, 1721 - 1764), attributed to Francois Boucher (1703 - 1770), part of the Scottish National Gallery Collection, NG 429


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