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Lusieri cover
  • Publisher National Galleries of Scotland
  • Size 29.5 x 24 cm
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Expanding Horizons: Lusieri and the Panoramic Landscape Exhibition Catalogue

Aidan Weston-Lewis with Fabrizia Spirito, Kim Sloan and Dyfri Williams

Second edition.

This is the first publication in English devoted to the extraordinary work of the Italian landscape watercolourist Giovanni Battista Lusieri (1754–1821). His career took him from his native Rome to Naples, then to Sicily and finally to the eastern Mediterranean, where he spent twenty years in the service of the 7th Earl of Elgin as his resident artist and agent in Athens. In that capacity he was closely involved in the removal of the celebrated marbles from the Parthenon and other monuments in Greece.

Lusieri’s watercolours combine a broad, panoramic vision, an uncanny ability to capture brilliant Mediterranean light and a meticulous, almost photographic attention to detail. He was widely acclaimed as one of the most accomplished landscape artists of his day, and his works were eagerly sought by British Grand Tourists, but after his death he was soon forgotten, and only recently have his exceptional gifts begun to be recognised once again.

This beautiful hardback book includes six essays and illustrates in colour over ninety plates by the artist, including two foldout images of his magnificent panoramas.

236pp | Hardback | 180 colour illustrations


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