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Elizabeth Blackadder Prints
  • Publisher Lund Humphries
  • Size 230 x 268 x 18

Elizabeth Blackadder Prints

Christopher Allan

Elizabeth Blackadder has been respected as a printmaker for over four decades and during that time has experimented with a range of diverse media including lithography, etching, aquatint, drypoint, woodcut and screenprint.

Christopher Allan examines these media one by one to reveal how Blackadder has successfully exploited the characteristics of each printmaking method to create a range of original prints. Blackadder first experimented with printmaking during her student days in the early 1950s and her first prints were published in 1958. From these beginnings, Blackadder has worked with a range of studios and publishers, including Curwen Studio, The Mercury Gallery, Peacock Printers and, most extensively, the Glasgow Print Studio.

Her work is presented thematically and this approach reveals her constant interest in still-life composition, and her interpretations of the natural world, from landscapes to animals. The broad chronological approach of the introductory essays charts her progress in printmaking.

This book is the first to illustrate and catalogue every published print made by Blackadder from the 1950s to 2003.

128 pages, Includes 86 colour and 61 b&w illustrations


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