We are delighted to discuss any licensing enquiries and can negotiate contracts for commercial licenses for an upfront fee or on a royalty basis.

The National Galleries of Scotland Collection is relatively new to the licensing marketplace with successful collaborations with manufacturers including Surface View, Artimage, Bridgeman Images, Customworks, Castle Melamine, Art Angels, Fox & Chave and Pomegranate. This means that our resource is not over exposed in terms of licensing and we are always open to new approaches on using our collection.

If you would like to discuss any licensing opportunities with the National Galleries of Scotland please contact Shona Corner, Photography and Licensing Manager  0131 624 6260

All profits directly support the activities of the National Galleries of Scotland and help to maintain the Collection.

The designers and manufacturers who work with the National Galleries of Scotland benefit from access to one of the best and varied collections in the world but also expert curatorial advice on the collection, whether it's selecting images or providing in-depth advice about an artwork we can help.

The National Galleries of Scotland's permanent collection is among the best in the world. Dating from the early Renaissance to the present day, it boasts works by some of the most important artists in history, as well as portraits of great Scots and the world’s most comprehensive collection of Scottish art.

Although the collection as a whole is owned by the nation, the objects are allocated to one of three major groupings:

  • Scottish National Gallery: Artworks from the early Renaissance to 1900 and the national collection of Scottish art c.1600-c.1900.
  • Scottish National Portrait Gallery: Scotland's history from the sixteenth century to the present day as seen through the portraits of those who shaped it. Also includes the national collection of photography.
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art: Modern and contemporary art, plus renowned Dada and Surrealist collections.