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Still life by Samuel John Peploe tea towel

Still life by Samuel John Peploe tea towel


100% cotton tea towel featuring Still life by Samuel John Peploe from the National Galleries of Scotland Collection, artwork printed on one side.

This painting shows a strong influence of cubist art through the use of structured brushstrokes and the faceted background. Peploe does not show any of the objects on the table from different angles, as the Cubists tended to do. Instead, the painting remains quite clearly focused on the reality of what is in front of the artist, without becoming too abstract.

Samuel John Peploe was a Scottish Post-Impressionist painter, noted for his still life works and for being one of the group of four painters that became known as the Scottish Colourists. The other colourists were John Duncan Fergusson, Francis Cadell and Leslie Hunter.

This towel is packaged with cardboard band with information and image of the artwork. Wash on a cool wash, max 30 degrees. Dry flat, do not tumble dry.

  • Size 46.5 x 59.5 cm
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