Sack O Sauce by Eduardo Paolozzi tea towel

Sack O Sauce by Eduardo Paolozzi tea towel

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100% Cotton Tea Towel featuring a Sack O Sauce by Eduardo Paolozzi. This colourful tea towel will brighten up any kitchen.

Eduardo Paolozzi had been making scrapbooks of exotic images from childhood. Once in Paris, his popular culture collages using American glossy magazines took on a new significance. Used in Paolozzi's groundbreaking 1952 lecture called Bunk! at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, it was the first time that images from vernacular culture was treated as fine art. It is considered as the "opening salvo" of the Pop Art movement.

The publication of this material as prints two decades later reintroduced these images to a new generation who had grown up with Pop.

  • Size 64 x 47 cm
  • Material 100% Cotton
  • Care Cool wash, do not tumble dry

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