Swish brushstroke red and yellow earthenware dinner plate

Swish brushstroke red and yellow earthenware dinner plate


Stylish 29.5 cm (diameter) red and yellow earthenware dinner plate. This dinner plate is hand-decorated with a thick red and yellow brushstroke around the body and finished with a charcoal splatter.

This dinner plate is part of range of artisan tableware is a collaboration between Bliss Homeware and Ceramiche Fabbro, a small Italian manufacturer with a team of talented craftspeople.

On their travels around Europe, Mike and Gabrielle from Bliss Homeware came across a small, family-run factory in Italy producing quality ceramics with strong graphics.

Established in 1919, Ceramiche Fabbro is a small, family-run ceramics factory in North Italy. Four generations of people have kneaded, shaped, decorated and baked clay and continues to be a successful business with talented artisans crafting contemporary ceramic products.

Each plate is hand-decorated and may appear slightly different from the one shown.

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