The Real Pearl White Pearl Bracelet

The Real Pearl White Pearl Bracelet


This Real Pearl Company bracelet features genuine white pearls strung on a stretch elastic.

Easy to wear, this bracelet will make a subtle statement.

Pearls were a popular motif in Rembrandt era paintings. As the Dutch empire grew, more people in the country were able to afford what was once a luxury reserved for only the very richest. Pearls were painted as symbols of purity, but also as warnings of vanity and attachment to wordly possessions.

The Real Pearl Company produces pearls in their own pearl factory, successfully bringing the luxury of real pearls to the market at an affordable price.

The best way to care for pearls is to wear them. The body's natural oils enrich the pearls and help maintain their lustre.

Wipe gently with a warm damp towel before putting pearls away to remove excessive body oils and perspiration as these are harmful to a pearl's colour.

  • Size 7 cm diameter

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