Pewter robin hand crafted scarf ring

Pewter robin hand crafted scarf ring


Beautiful pewter scarf ring with a Robin resting on a circular twig, to form a decorative and functional scarf ring which gives an elegant touch to your scarf. Design and made in the UK by Glover & Smith.

Glover & Smith products are handmade in the UK from lead free pewter and inspired by nature

Comes giftboxed

Glover & Smith are members of The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen, and their products are handmade in the UK from lead free pewter, inspired by nature

Lead free pewter is not reactive with acidic and alkaline foods unlike other precious metals, and the surface will never flake or chip. Modern pewter is 92% pure tin and small amounts of copper and other metals to give additional strength. It is a plentiful, non-toxic resource which has little or no impact on the environment. This eco-friendly metal does not need polishing like silver and it does not become dull

Robin Scarf Ring is inspired by The Music of the Woods, 1906, by Edward Atkinson Hornel (1864 - 1933), a memorable image of delight in the pleasures of nature part of the Scottish National Gallery Collection, NG 1814

Second image shows a scarf ring sample tying the National Galleries of Scotland exclusive scarf inspired on a detail from Flower Still Life with Bird's Nest, by Jan van Huysum

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100% of all profits support the National Galleries of Scotland