Rebel black enamel pin
Rebel black enamel pin

Rebel black enamel pin


Classic black enamel plated with silver coloured plated ‘Rebel’ pin badge with a rubber clutch fastening.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... Have you always wanted to join the Rebel Alliance in the fight against the Galactic Empire? Ride in the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo and Chewbacca or wield a lightsabre with the Jedi?

The freedom fighters of the Star Wars universe stand for tolerance, diversity, and hope so if that's your thing, declare your allegiance with this tiny enamel pin.

Wear it on your X-Wing flight suit or just your jacket for a subtle reminder to everyone which side you're on.

Hand over your fairy cakes is based in Glasgow, Scotland, by Sally McAdam who has been designing acrylic jewellery, enamel pins, patches, accessories and stationery since 2006. Sally began by making jewellery to sell to her friends and family. Sally likes to use bright colours and elements of pop culture, feminism and nostalgia in her designs. They usually begin life as a paper drawing before being redrawn as a computerised vector.

100% of all profits support the National Galleries of Scotland