Robert Burns Alexander Nasmyth Cufflinks

Robert Burns by Alexander Nasmyth cufflinks


Perfect gift for Burns Night, these cufflinks are framed in a fine rhodium plated with fixed oval back, featuring a detail image of Robert Burns (1759 - 1796), Poet (1787), by Alexander Nasmyth, from the National Galleries of Scotland collection.

Boxed in a smart polished gift box in black and turnable soft leather top in blue with cushiony inner side where the cufflinks lie fixed by elastic bands.

This half-length portrait of Burns, framed within an oval, has become the most well-known and widely reproduced image of the famous Scottish poet. Nasmyth's painting, commissioned by the publisher William Creech, was to be engraved for a new edition of Burns' poems. He is shown fashionably dressed against a landscape, evoking his rural background in Alloway, Ayrshire. 

Alexander Nasmyth (9 September 1758 – 10 April 1840) was a Scottish portrait and landscape painter, a pupil of Allan Ramsay.


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