Melt rectangular silver brooch

Melt rectangular silver brooch

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Rectangular brooch hand-crafted in sterling silver and designed by Chris Lewis. This contemporary design features some polished silver bars wrapped by a single strip.

Chris Lewis is an established Scottish silver jewellery designer from Edinburgh now living and working in the historic city of Queretaro in central Mexico. His hand-crafted pieces are selected by National Galleries of Scotland for the exquisite finish and quality of craftsmanship.

Both Edinburgh and Queretaro are UNESCO World Heritage Sites with rich histories of craftsmanship. In the 1700s glass crafting was established and become the trademark of the city where Lewis now lives. This territory of Mexico is also synonymous with metalworking and the silver Lewis uses in his statement pieces are sourced from this area.

On his travels Lewis researches natural forms which inspire the distinctive textures and shapes in his timeless pieces sought after worldwide. His sterling silver jewellery is brought to the UK for hallmarking.

100% of all profits support the National Galleries of Scotland