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Stag head gold plated lapel pin
Stag head gold plated lapel pin

Stag head gold plated lapel pin


Solid sterling silver gold-plated stag head lapel pin designed by L'esprit des Bijoux. This pin can be worn on the lapel of a jacket or on other clothing, attached to a bag or on other pieces of fabric and it is very easy to fix with its butterfly clasp.

L'esprit des Bijoux (‘the spirit of jewellery’) products are designed and created by a Scottish artist and handcrafted in the United Kingdom using ethically sourced materials.

A stag is an adult (5 years old) male red deer, normally the one with the largest antlers.

Care instructions:

Clean with a soft cloth or mild cold soapy water and air dry. Do not use any acidic solutions/chemicals.

Store in a jewellery box or bag to avoid tarnishing.

Available for purchase when we can dispatch safely

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