BP Portrait Award 2019 exhibition book (paperback)

BP Portrait Award 2019 (paperback)


Beautifully presented exhibition book to accompany the BP Portrait Award 2019 on display at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, which features around forty-eight works from an international list of artists who display a diverse range of styles and painterly techniques.

A snapshot of contemporary portrait painting at its best, featuring an international list of artists who reflect a diverse range of approaches, from the immaculately photorealistic to the highly expressionistic

The catalogue also includes an illustrated introductory essay by Christopher Baker and interviews with the 2019 prize winners by Richard McClure, which give further insight into the artists behind the portraits.


It also features an illustrated interview with the previous year’s Travel Award winner by Richard McClure and interviews with previous prize winners by Alison Smith, Chief Curator at the National Portrait Gallery, London.

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