First Men in the Moon Blu-ray

First Men in the Moon Blu-ray


Blu-ray restoration of the original negative of the Jules Verne adaptation, classic sci-fi film First Men in the Moon, directed by Nathan Juran, 1964, featuring the special effects of Ray Harryhausen.

This standard edition is region free and contains these and more special features:

  • Audio commentary with Ray Harryhausen and Randall William Cook, moderated by film historian Tony Dalton
  • Randall William Cook Introduction (2012, 5 mins)
  • Terry Schubert on ‘First Men in the Moon’ (2017, 5 mins): the special effects assistant remembers working with Ray Harryhausen
  • Original Men in the Moon (2017, 17 mins): production manager Ted Wallis and clapper loader Ray Andrew talk about their experiences of working with the cast and crew of First Men in the Moon
  • The Ripple Effect (2017, 4 mins): a candid interview with title designer Sam Suliman
  • Tomorrow the Moon (1964, 5 mins): vintage documentary, containing fascinating on-set footage, which explores space travel and the making of the film


Plus isolated soundtrack, extensive image gallery, improved English subtitles and more extras.

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