Miffy at the Gallery Art Book

Miffy at the Gallery Art Book


Here's a lovely book for the little ones.

Miffy convinces her parents to take her to an art gallery. It is very exciting, Miffy sees paintings, a mobile and even a stone statue. At the end of the day Miffy decides she wants to be an artist when she's grown up. 

Award-winning UK poet, Tony Mitton, has worked closely with Dick Bruna's Dutch publisher to create new translations for the classic Miffy stories that are true to the books' original voice, and yet have a contemporary feel to the language that makes them appealing to the modern young audience. The translations beautifully convey the warmth and friendliness of the original Dutch whilst maintaining a style that is inimitably Miffy.

  • Size 16 x 16 cm
  • Format Hardback
  • Page count 26 printed pages
  • Illustrations Colour
  • Publisher Simon and Schuster
  • ISBN 9781471120770
  • Authors Dick Bruna, Tony Mitton (translator)
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