Ross & The Realifers – I Tried To Give Up Drinking With Guitars Instead Of God (2013, CD)

Ross & The Realifers – I Tried To Give Up Drinking With Guitars Instead Of God (2013, CD)

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Compact disc which accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the Duchy Gallery in Glasgow and was given away at a live performance event at The Poetry Club in Glasgow, during the run of the show.

This developed the role of the musical contribution in the Real Life project by creating an identity for the musical output: ‘Ross & the Realifers’ (which is nevertheless mainly all just me anyway).However I wanted to suggest the possibility that this was a wider dynamic collaborative process at play and that perhaps the audience themselves could become ‘The Realifers’.

This exhibition was specifically conceived alongside the music to propose a visual interpretation of each song and as with The Real Life Rock Opera the cd was playing in the show. The collection of songs attempts to build an overview of familial and social relationships and to this end make songs about the geographic and political context in which I live, each of my 3 children, birthdays, Dave Shrigley’s wedding, worrying about success, dying and other cornerstones of life, real and imagined.


1                           Intro Song

2                           Orkney Song

3                           Grace Song

4                           Do the Loch Ness Monster

5                           Guitars Instead Of God

6                           Waverly Song

7                           Jean Song

8                           Agnes Song

9                           The Average Man Blues

10                        Half A Drum Kit

11                        Birthday Song

12                        Wedding Song

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