Carnation - Botanical (hardback)

Carnation - Botanical (hardback)

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In this hard back small informative book, Carnation author Twigs Way explores the extraordinary history of this inimitable flower. 

From wedding bouquets to funeral wreaths, carnations can be seen everywhere in human culture. Their colourful but delicately folded petals have made them one of the foremost decorative flowers, from the gardens of the Ottoman Empire to American Mother’s Day bouquets, via Chinese medicines and French Empresses.

The author traces the trials and tribulations of early breeders-compelled by florists' fascinations for the striped and spotted-which led to delightfully coloured (and delightfully named) varieties such as Lustie Gallant and Bleeding Swain. She looks at the symbolism of the red and white-and even green-carnations made famous by Oscar Wilde, and glides through many of the rooms in literature and history that we have filled with the carnation's glorious scent.

Travelling from Europe to China, Way explores how carnations have been used by herbalists the world over as a treatment for ailments to both mind and body, and she looks at the many paintings that have attempted to capture their unique complexities. Lavishly illustrated and full of unexpected delights, this book will-like the carnation itself-charm the mind and invigorate the senses.

  • Size 22.4 x 14.7 cm
  • Format Hardback
  • Page count 221 printed pages
  • Publisher Reaktion Books
  • ISBN 9781780236346
  • Authors Twigs Way
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