We also surveyed various parts of the Works on Paper collections, including both framed and Printroom material.

Resources were primarily directed towards rehousing with overthrow mounts large numbers of previously unaccessioned prints contained in solander boxes. To date, over 2,500 have been treated in this way.

Remedial conservation treatment is ongoing for 300 ‘unique’ works (that is, unprinted works such as watercolours, drawings, and pastels) identified as requiring attention. In addition 15 custom-made archival boxes were made for individual sketchbooks.

Digital photography is a hugely important tool in these circumstances and this was the means by which we recorded the condition of over 1,000 portrait miniatures.

Paper conservators also assessed the historically significant Photography Collection – this encompasses a wide range of sensitive materials such as 19th century daguerreotypes, tiny carte de visites, glass plate negatives, and related scientific instruments. A coherent strategy was devised for their protection during transport and storage.