Art Handling

When transporting a work of art locally or internationally, it is vital to plan how it is to be moved, involving a full risk assessment. Art Handling Technicians are responsible for the movement, packing, installation, transportation and documentation of every work of art within the Galleries’ collection, and also for loans both to and from the Galleries.

From the smallest miniature to the largest sculpture, each work of art is packed, according to destination and method of transport, into secure cases that have been specially designed to minimise the effects of movement, handling and changes in the outside environment. We then escort works from the Galleries’ collection on loans around the world, installing and de-installing at their destination.

Out in the Edinburgh galleries, you will see the Art Handling Technicians at work, managing the installation of our collection and exhibitions. Their varied tasks might involve suspending the 100 leaf-and-liquid filled glass vessels of Christine Borland’s Spirit Collection: Hippocrates from the ceiling or installing a wall-size tapestry at Duff House.