• Zoe Moskal Guy - 1+1=1

Two combined, in body and mind. Two halves, one whole, two minds, one soul. With Louise Bourgeois’ sculpture ‘Couple I’ as inspiration, a repetitive, dreamy piano riff guides you through Bourgeois’ dark, explorative mind as the vocal lines return over and over, representing the cycle of life and the unification of two into one. Vocal harmonies weave in and out, enhancing the feeling of different elements combining and coupling to create something greater. Intensity builds and reaches its climax in the ultimate knowledge of another human being: a bond without secrets.

Music and lyrics by Zoe Moskal Guy; Arrangement and Production by Erik Vanderheydt and Zoe Moskal Guy; Vocals: Zoe Moskal Guy; Drums, piano and vocoder: Erik Vanderheydt.

[Duration: 3:03]