• Marcel Duchamp, 'La Boîte-en-Valise' [Box in a Suitcase]

Lauren Logan, Curator at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, describes Duchamp's 'La Boîte-en-Valise' [Box in a Suitcase] as it is unpacked
by members of the Conservation team.

Commenting on the Boîte-en-valise, Duchamp explained: ‘Instead of painting something new, my aim was to reproduce the paintings and the objects I liked and collect them in a space as small as possible. I did not know how to go about it. I first thought of a book, but I did not like the idea. Then it occurred to me that it could be a box in which all my works would be collected and mounted like in a small museum, a portable museum, so to speak.'

This is the first time the installation of this work has been filmed and shown to the public.

[Duration 3:55]